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What is ergonomics? 

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the work environment to fit the employee. It focuses on designing workstations, tools and tasks for safety, efficiency and comfort. Efficient ergonomic designs and work practices reduce occupational injuries, discomfort, fatigue, and improve productivity and employee job satisfaction. 
UC Merced Ergonomics Programs:
ErgoCat is an online ergonomic assessment/training tool designed to help reduce the risk that you develop any repetitive motion injuries while using your computer. In August of 2007, the University of California contracted with Remedy Interactive (RI) to implement RI’s interactive online injury prevention program throughout the UC system.   Risk Services in the Office of the President and the UC Merced Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) have implemented this program here as Ergonomic Computer Assisted Training, or ErgoCat . The goal of ErgoCat is to prevent repetitive motion injuries associated with ergonomic risks of computer usage and, thus, conserve human and fiscal resources.  


For mor information about ErgoCat or the Ergonomics Program, contact us at or (209) 228-ERGO.


Ergo Evaluations

ErgoCat online evaluations

Need a workspace evaluation?   Visit our ErgoCat online egronomics evaluation tool. Once results from your evaluation are received by our office, we will schedule you for an in-person workspace evaluation.

Workstation evaluations Once the online evaluation is completed, the ergonomic coordinator will review your report and contact you if you have scored moderate or high on the evaluation.  In-person workstation evaluations are conducted twice a month.
Laboratory Ergonomics COMING SOON.  For more information, please visit our Laboratory Ergonomics page.



Evaluation Dates 

October 9 - Campus, Castle, Mondo and Promenade
October 10 - Campus, Castle, Mondo and Promenade

November 20 - Campus, Castle, Mondo and Promenade

Fresno Center appointmetns available upon requeset. 
To schedule an evaluation, please email


 Other Programs and Information

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BSAS Ergo Equipment
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 BackSafe® Training 

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