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Air Quality

UC Merced is committed to reducing air pollution and promoting sustainability and mindfulness.

UC Merced is surrounded by both agricultural and farming communities, as well as several highways, and air quality is a top priority for the Central Valley. In addition to UC Merced's efforts to mitigate air polution, EH&S urges all individuals to participate in efforts to reduce pollutants and promote healthy air quality in the Central Valley.

San Joaquin Valley residents can monitor air quality by visiting the Air Polution Control District.

All residents can reduce air pollution by: 

  1. Commuting to and from campus via carpooling, public transportation or bicycling. The campus Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) has a Commuter Club with various resources, including ride matching. 
  2. Observing UC Merced's Smoke Free Policy

Researchers and labs can reduce air polution by:

  1. Optimizing experimental procedures to use the lowest possible concentrations of identified air pollutants
  2. Reviewing and using UC Berkeley's guide for Minimizing Toxic Air Contaminants from Laboratories