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Chemical Inventory

The Chemical Inventory System (CIS) allows each PI and his or her lab members to create and maintain an accurate chemical inventory.

EH&S uses this chemical inventory for regulatory reporting purposes, and it provides first responders with necessary information about potential hazards in the event of an emergency.

Please use this system and remember to remove any chemicals that have been consumed.

Helpful Hints

  1. Save often. The program does not automatically save your work.
  2. You can change the columns that are displayed. Click "change displayed columns" and select what you want or don't want to appear.
  3. When performing a search, "contains" is more likely to return results than "exactly".
  4. In the column titled "SOP," a "NO" means an SOP is not required. An "exhibit 1" or "PHS" requires an SOP.
  5. Please fill in any missing quantities and CAS numbers. These are required for regulatory reporting purposes.
  6. When a bottle has been consumed but will be reordered, change the quantity to 0 and delete the barcode, PO and date received.
  7. Need to search by structure? Send a request to Karen Smith.

If you experience problems, contact Karen Smith.