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Heat Illness Prevention

Heat illness is a serious medical condition when heat exposure exceeds the physiological capacity of the body to cool itself, resulting in an increase in the core body temperature. This would result in a range of heat-related symptoms, from treatable heat cramps to heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal, especially if medical treatment is delayed.

Learn how to control the risk of heat-induced illness, train workers to protect themselves, recognize symptoms, and respond should a heat illness emergency occur.

UC Merced has developed a heat illness prevention program to plan for, prevent and respond to heat-related illness situations.

If you supervise employees who work outside in heat, you should know how to respond should a heat illness emergency occur.

Select a topic for more information:
     • Emergency response    
     • Identifying Heat Illness: Symptoms and First Aid
     • Reduce the risk
     • Regulations and policies
     • Risk factors
     • Safety training information
     • Supervisor’s responsibilities