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Food Safety

Food Safety Program

The food safety program ensures compliance with Health and Safety Code Division 104 Part 7 and all supplementing regulations to this Part on university grounds through administrative and inspection services. Food service, which includes service of all edible substances, ice, beverage, and gum, to the general student body and/or general public, are covered by this regulation.


Inspection Reports

The public has a right to a copy of the last health inspection report of a food facility. You may view the last inspection reports for permanent and mobile food facilities at this link.


Product Recall List 



Food Safety/Illness Complaints

If you have any concerns with a health violation of food served on campus or you believe you have a foodborne illness from food you were served, you may submit a complaint to or by text and phone to 209-285-8947. If you are experiencing a foodborne illness, we will need a contact so our office can speak with you as part of the investigation.


Temporary Food Facilities

All events on campus, where food is provided to the general student body and/or general public, require a temporary health permit. All temporary food facilities will need to meet all applicable regulations in Chapter 1 to 8 and chapter 11 in California Retail Food Code. The guidelines provided to you is a summary of what you need to meet to be compliant with the applicable codes.

Temporary Food Facility Guidelines

You may download and submit a completed application to or submit your application through the online submission. An application must be submitted 7 business days prior to the event. Late submissions are not guaranteed review. Your event is not approved until you receive a Temporary Health Permit.

SB972 Exemption:

You may claim SB972 exemption from health permitting if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Food is prepackaged by a manufacturer.
  • The food is not a Potentially Hazardous Food (?)
  • You do not have more than 25 square feet of display space of the food.

Private vs Public Event

Private events with food service does not require a temporary health permit but must meet the essence of the following:

  1. The event is open to guests and their invitees through direct invitations only; or
  2. The event is open to members and their invitees only; and
  3. The event is not advertised through a public medium.

If you are not sure whether your event is public or private, you may submit an inquiry to with a description of the target audience and we can make a determination for you.


Noncampus Affiliated Food Vendor:

All noncampus affiliated food vendors must be approved by Procurement. Please contact If you are approved, you will still need to submit a health permit application.


Informational Resources:

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UC Merced Food Facilities Complaint Email

Temporary Food Facilities Application (online)

Temporary Food Facilities Application (form fill)

Temporary Food Facility Guidelines

Senate Bill 972 (new law)

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