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UC Merced is committed to reducing air pollution, maintaining air permits for the regulation of emissions, and promoting sustainability and mindfulness. UC Merced is surrounded by both agricultural and farming communities, as well as several highways, that contribute to air pollution. UC Merced is constantly working towards mitigating air pollution and urges all individuals to participate in efforts to reduce pollutants and promote healthy air quality in the UC Merced community and the Central Valley. Community members can monitor air quality by visiting the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) website.

Additionally, UC Merced maintains 20 air permits from the SJVAPCD. Equipment required to have an air permit to regulate emissions include: Cogeneration engines, hot water boilers, emergency generator engines, and gasoline dispensing pumps.

The SJVAPCD requires that an application for an air permit must be submitted prior to installation of equipment requiring a permit.

For consultation on air permit requirements and for assistance in preparing an air permit application, please contact the EH&S office at (209) 228-2347 or via email at


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