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See our Campus Ready site for most up to date information about the fall semester.Campus ReadyCOVID Help
EH&S Covid-19 Resources, Guidances, and Recommendations for Cleaning & Disinfection, Preventive Action, Working Remotely, and Returning to Campus.  
Whether you are a PI or a lab worker, it is important to identify risks and potential hazards in your lab. EH&S has developed a new tool (LHAT) to help you identify risks in your lab and...
Working alone is not a prudent practice.  AVOID WORKING ALONE WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Schedule work with hazardous materials or procedures when you will not be alone. Never work alone...
Occupational Safety programs address physical work in UC Merced facilities that requires the interaction of human-machine-environment.  Physical safety programs serve to mitigate risk and...
Evaluating food facilities, temporary food facilities, mobile food facilites and catering for compliance with current state law. 

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Mission and Vision Statements

It is the mission of the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to support the academic and administrative functions of the university to help ensure a safe and healthful workplace and the environmentally sound management of hazardous materials. This is accomplished through collaborative, team-oriented methods that identify the optimum compliance strategies in harmony with the activities of the university.

EH&S aims to establish comprehensive occupational health and safety compliance programs that are seamlessly and systematically integrated into the academic and administrative activities of the university and, consequently, preserve the human and fiscal resources of the university. Likewise, EH&S aims to demonstrate leadership in implementing environmentally sound hazardous materials/waste management practices to demonstrate a model of environmental stewardship beyond mere compliance.


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The ErgoCat program's goal is to prevent repetitive motion injuries associated with ergonomic risks of computer use and conserve human and fiscal resources.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is everyone's concern. Assist in creating a fire-safe environment by familiarizing yourself with common fire hazards and prevention practices.

Injury and Illness Prevention

Identification and correction of workplace hazards is key to injury and illness prevention (IIPP). IIPP is the umbrella under which all employee health and safety programs are implemented.

Environmental Safety

UC Merced has a strong commitment to sustainability and protection of the environment. Learn how you can play your part in environmental protection and sustainability.