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Welcome to Environmental Health & Safety

It is the mission of the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to support the academic and administrative functions of the university to help ensure a safe and healthful workplace and the environmentally sound management of hazardous materials. This is accomplished through collaborative, team-oriented methods that identify the optimum compliance strategies in harmony with the activities of the university.

EH&S aims to establish comprehensive occupational health and safety compliance programs that are seamlessly and systematically integrated into the academic and administrative activities of the university and, consequently, preserve the human and fiscal resources of the university. Likewise, EH&S aims to demonstrate leadership in implementing environmentally sound hazardous materials/waste management practices to demonstrate a model of environmental stewardship beyond mere compliance.




new lab member

New Lab Member

Once a student is accepted into a research laboratory, a series of steps shall be followed.

principal investigators

Principal Investigators

Resources EH&S has put together for Principal Investigators.

Safety Training

Safety Training

View the safety courses we have or register for training if you are having issues accessing the UCLC.



The science of adapting the work environment to fit the employee so work is safe and efficient. 

food safety

Food Safety

Designed to ensure the safe handling, preparation, and storage of food to prevent contamination.

enviornmental safety

Enviornmental Safety

Learn how you can play your part in environmental protection and sustainability.



Schedule an Ergonomic Assessment

If you discover any discomfort while working, you may be eligible for a free $450 waiver for your work station:

Click here to see how to schedule an ergonomic assessment.

Any questions please contact

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