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Course Descriptions

No in-person training courses are available at this time.

Image of Safety Training Matrix

A training matrix and appendix of common safety trainings that should be considered is available here. The appendix includes the link to the course, a description of the course, and renewal information. Please note that this is only a list of common safety trainings and is not a comprehensive list of all the trainings available or required.

 Laboratory Safety:

Lab Safety Fundamentals | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0045

Lab Safety Fundamentals REFRESHER | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0019-ECO-0815

Lab Safety Fundamentals for Engineering Capstone | Course Code: ME-EHS-LSF-ENGINEER

Laboratory Safety Awareness(for Support Personnel) | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0014-ECO

PI Responsibilities 2017 0925 | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0038-ECO

 Hazardous Materials and Waste Management:

Hazmat Spill Response and DOT Awareness | Course Code: ME-EHS-EC-DOTAWAR-01-00-0514

Hazardous Waste Management | Course Code: ME-EHS-WASTEM-UCLOL0056-0120

Hazardous Materials Shipping General Awareness | Course Code:ME-EHS-UCLOL003-ECO

 Chemical Safety:

Controlled Substances | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0001-ECO-2015

Carcinogen Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0012-ECO

 Radiation Safety:

Radiation Safety for Users of Radiation Producing Machines | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0020-ECO

Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0021-ECO

Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials and Radiation Producing Machines | Course Code:  ME-EHS-UCLOL0022-ECO

 Biological Safety:

Biosafety(Certification) | Course Code: ME-EHS-BIOSAF-COMPLIANCE

Medical Waste Management | Course Code: ME-EHS-MEDWASTE-COMPLIANCE

IATA Biological Dangerous Good Shipping | Course Code: ME-EHS-IL-BIOSHIP-01

Shipping with Dry Ice | Course Code: ME-EHS-SHIP-02-1015

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) eCourse | Course Code: ME-EHS-BBPATH-UCLOL0016-0315

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases Standard(with COVID-19 emphasis) | Course Code: ME-EHS-AIR-01-0920

Asbestos - CalOSHA | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0159-ECO-0723

Recombinant Nucleic Acid (Certification) | Course Code: ME-EHS-RDNA-0819-COMPLIANCE

 Other Lab Courses:

Fume Hood Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-FUME-02-1119

Field Safety for Researchers | Course Code: ME-EHS-IL-FIELDSA-01-00-0810

Compressed Gas | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0019-ECO

 General Fire Safety:

Fire Safety and Prevention | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0052-ECO

Types of Fire Extinguishers | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0210-ECO

Using the Correct Extinguisher for Material | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0211-ECO

Fire Safety in the Lab - Online Option | Course Code: ME-EHS-FIRESAFE-02-1019

Flammable Liquids | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0214-ECO

 Specific FS Training:

Fire Safety(for Housing Residence Halls Staff) | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0034-ECO

 Injury & Illness Prevention:

Job Hazard Analysis | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0093-ECO

Loading Dock Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0101-ECO

Ladder Safety Impact: Safe Work Practices | Course Code: ME-EHS-LADDER-UCSKSS0299-ECO

Slip and Falls Impact: Fall Prevention Techniques and Methods | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0350-ECO

Back Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0047

Concussion Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0037-ECO

Supervisor Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0013-ECO-0816

Supervisor Safety for UC Health | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0077

Global Safety Principles: Hearing Conservation | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0230-ECO

 Heat Prevention:

Heat Illness | Course Code: ME-EHS-HEATILL-UCLOL0025-ECO-0417

Flame Resistant Gloves | Course Code: ME-EHS-EC-GLOVE-UCLOL0029

Hazard Communication | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0012-ECO-0716

 Ergonomic Safety:

Office Safety - Cal/OSHA | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0316-ECO

Computer Ergonomics | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0020-ECO

 Health and Safety Protocols:

Accident Investigation and Reporting - Cal/OSHA | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0157-ECO

Forklift Safety Awareness - Cal/OSHA | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0218-ECO

Respiratory Protection | Course Code: ME-EHS-IL-RESPPRT-01-00-0512

Lockout/Tagout - Cal/Osha | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0307-ECO

N-95 Respirator Use | Course Code: ME-EHS-RESPPRT-UCLOL0058-0220

 Transportation Safety:

Defensive Driving | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0026-ECO

Defensive Driving Fundamentals | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0027-ECO

Motorized Cart | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0036-ECO

Food Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCLOL0051

Foodservice Worker Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0217-ECO

Food Allergen Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-UCSKSS0215-ECO


Laser Safety(Certification) | Course Code: ME-EHS-LASERS-UCLOL0028-COMPLIANCE

Clinical Laser Safety | Course Code: ME-EHS-CLS-UCLOL0094-0823

Anyone working in a UCM laboratory is required to complete the Lab Safety Fundamentals (Certification) before entering a wet lab or conducting any experimental/laboratory work. Additional prerequisite training may be required by your PI.

Below are other common safety trainings to consider that were not included in the training matrix:

Elevated Work/Fall Protection 3 years

Many people are killed or injured every year in construction- or maintenance-related falls. Topics include: determining when fall protection is required, types of fall protection and use of personal fall-restraint systems. This course is intended for maintenance and construction workers who work at elevations greater than 7 feet.

Fire Safety 3 years

This required course provides lab users the information necessary to safely handle flammable liquids and use a fire extinguisher. Topics covered include fire basics and triangle, sources of fire/ignition in labs, flash point, flammable range and flammable terms, and fire extinguishers and their use 

Hazmat Spill Response (DOT Awareness is the online version) 3 years

Chemical spills in laboratories are largely preventable. In the event of a spill, there are some basic and necessary steps to be taken to help ensure your safety (first priority) and the safety of others. Spill containment, clean-up, decontamination, notifications, and prevention will be discussed. This course is required for all UC Merced employees who generate, handle or manage areas where hazardous wastes are generated.

IATA Biological Dangerous Good Shipping

Cal-OSHA requires every employer to have an IIPP in place. UC Merced has implemented a campus-level IIPP program to ensure a safe and healthful work environment for its employees. The IIPP is the umbrella under which all employee health and safety programs are implemented, and it provides a framework for identifying and correcting workplace hazards. This session is required for all UC Merced employees.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) 3 years

Many people are killed or injured every year in construction- or maintenance-related falls. Topics include: determining when fall protection is required, types of fall protection and use of personal fall-restraint systems. This course is intended for maintenance and construction workers who work at elevations greater than 7 feet.

Lab Safety Management for PIs Required once

Introduction to safety leadership, accountability, hazard assessments, training, inspections, accidents, hazardous materials and equipment, and resources for supervisors. This course covers relevant UC Policy on Management of HSE, Cal/OSHA regulations (Reference: 8 CCR 340, 3203, 3341, 3380), and both federal and state laws.

Nanomaterials Currently Unavailable

Small-scale materials have unique properties as well as unique hazards. Come learn about the effects of these materials on the body.

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