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Principal Investigators

EHS understands that Principal Investigators have numerous obligations. This page is designed as a checklist to keep your lab current with safety standards.

  • Laboratory Personnel—Update LHAT and Profile every time a lab worker joins or leaves your lab.   Once added, the lab worker can then access the Assessment and obtain  PPE.
  • Personal Protective Equipment—All lab workers must use appropriate personal protective equipment at all times. 
  • Safety Documentation—Keep a current copy of the Lab Safety Plan and Lab Safety Plan Supplement in the lab.  Electronic copies are fine.
    • Signature Sheet—Use this document to help record lab personnel's acknowledgment of safety documents (e.g. LSP, LSPS, IIPP).
  • Training—Principal investigators are required to establish that all of their laboratory workers have received appropriate lab-specific safety training and have also taken the required courses through EH&S.  All new workers must complete lab safety fundamentals, fire safety, and DOT awareness (available online)
    • Generic Training  Attendance Record— Use this form to record any lab-directed training; please include sufficient details such as date, topics discussed, and who led the training.
  • On-Site Specific Orientation— Must be completed for each new lab member.
  • Standard Operating Procedures—Laboratory procedures that use potentially hazardous substances require written standard operating procedures which must be reviewed and signed by laboratory workers. 
  • Chemical Inventories—Principal investigators are responsible for maintaining accurate inventories of the chemicals in their laboratories and must certify the accuracy of these inventories on an annual basis, due September 30 each year.
  • Additional Requirements—Depending on the nature of the research, principal investigators may also be subject to additional compliance requirements involving  ​



                   Controlled Substances

                   Laser Safety

                   Field Safety

                   Radiation Hazards