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Shop Safety For Facilities Staff Members

EH&S provides safety, industrial hygiene and other services to Facilities staff members. For example, many facilities workers are exposed to hazards in their work environment. Many are required to enter permit-required confined spaces or perform Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures before repairing equipment. Some workers must use heavy equipment, fall protection or industrial machine tools. In addition, some of the trade(s) workers are required to perform work in research laboratories. Finally, we provide basic safety and health training to all other departments except those involved in laboratory research.

Program Goals

EH&S's goals include zero accidents, injuries and illnesses. To this end, the department conducts numerous training programs for the Trades, Custodial, Dining, Housing, Shipping, Grounds and other departments. In addition, all accidents, injuries or illnesses relating to work are investigated and efforts are made to eliminate root causes.