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COVID-19 Resources For Researchers

COVID-19 Response Procedures for Laboratories

Guidance Resources for Researchers

  • Safety Considerations for Laboratory Personnel:

    • Determine if lab space allows appropriate social distancing for research personnel (minimum of 6 ft).

    • If not, determine if research can be scheduled to have fewer researchers in the space at any one time. While fewer researchers in the space may reduce risks of infection, remember to avoid working alone in the lab.

    • Ensure the lab has a sign-in and out sheet posted to keep track of who has been in the lab, should contact tracing need to occur.

    • Researchers must wear gloves.

    • Researchers must cover their faces with a mask or cloth-covering unless they are in a private office or space.

    • Researchers must wipe down surface areas with 10% bleach, 70% alcohol or other acceptable disinfectant at the conclusion of lab work.

    • Researchers must thoroughly wash hands when exiting the lab.

    • Post lab signage that reminds researchers of the above requirements.



Additional Resources

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