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Sanitary Sewer System

The sanitary sewer system comprises the drains and pipes inside buildings, and takes used water from sinks, showers, toilets, washing machines and water fountains/hydration stations to pipes that eventually connect with the city of Merced.

Effluent water is transported to the water treatment plant for removal of many contaminants before re-use or release into the environment.

It is important to remember to only put appropriate materials down the sanitary sewer drains. The sanitary sewer is designed primarily for bodily wastes and approved paper products.

Food particles should be small or broken down with a garbage disposal.

Hazardous chemicals and expired or otherwise unwanted medicines should never be dumped or flushed down the drain. Once dissolved, these compounds often cannot be removed from the water or neutralized during treatment. They build up as contaminants in drinking water that can have adverse effects on people.

Learn more about UC Merced's sanitary sewer system by viewing our Sanitary Sewer System Plan (SSSP) last revised in June 2014.