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Controlled Substances and Precursors

Possession, use, and manufacture of controlled substances are regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) through the Controlled Substances Act.

If your work requires controlled substances:

  1. Submit a Controlled Substances Use Authorization Application (CSUA) to
    1.  If you need to renew or amend your CSUA, please use this formCSUA  must be renewed annually
  2. Each person with access must complete the Background Release Form and have a live scan completed (by appointment).
  3. Read and comply with the Controlled Substance Program Procedures and BUS-50, including record keeping and storage requirements.
  4. Each person with access must take controlled-substances training.


Steps to ordering precursors DEA List 1:

  • Intended Use Letter may be required by vendor
    • Must clearly list each chemical ordered and its intended use.
    • A new letter is required for each order placed.
    • Letter must be signed by the PI.
    • Must be on UCM letterhead
  • 21 day hold may be required by vendor
    • Clock starts when vendor receives ALL required documents.
    • This MANDATORY requirement is imposed by the CA DOJ. UCM has no control over

Useful Documents: