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Laundering and Maintenance of PPE

How do I get my UC Merced-issued lab coats laundered?

Lab coat laundering services are offered free of charge for each lab coat issued by EH&S that contains a barcode, UC Merced NetID, and PI name on the inside collar. Lab coats are collected from the laundering drop-off locations at 10 a.m. on the first Wednesday of each month.

How do I decontaminate my barrier lab coat before laundering?

Barrier lab coats, required when working with bloodborne pathogens under the Cal-OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (Title 8 CCR §5193), shall be autoclaved at 121 degrees Celsius, 15 psi, for 30 minutes, before being placed in a hamper at any of the laundering drop-off locations.

Where is the lab coat laundering drop-off locations?

Lab coats can be dropped off in the following locations, where they will be collected for laundering:

  • Science and Engineering 1, Room 257
  • Science and Engineering 2, first-floor corridor
  • Castle Research Facility, hallway between rooms 1100 and 1200
  • Sustainability Research and Engineering, room 010
  • Biomedical Sciences and Physics, east elevator in the basement floor lobby

When will my lab coat be returned after laundering?

Normally, lab coats are returned to the PI's laboratory suite the following Friday (8 days after the pickup date). 

What do I do if I haven't received my lab coat after dropping it off for laundering?

If your lab coat is not returned within two weeks after being picked up for laundering — provided it was dropped off before 10 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month — please contact EH&S at 209-228-7864. Note that if you dropped off a lab coat without a barcode and label containing the PI's name and your UC Merced NetID, the lab coat may not have been laundered, or may have been delivered to EH&S after laundering.

How do I clean my safety glasses and/or safety goggles?

Safety glasses and goggles can be cleaned by washing with soap and water. After washing, allow eyewear to air dry before use. Do not use acetone to clean your protective eyewear.

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