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Obtaining PPE

I'm a new lab member. How do I obtain PPE?

Each new lab member must follow the process outlined below to obtain free PPE through UC Merced's PPE store.

The process begins with the principal investigator (PI) adding the new lab member to the lab group using the online Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT). The LHAT is designed to aid in the identification of hazards specific to each lab and make suggestions regarding the types of PPE required to mitigate the identified hazards. After a new lab member is entered into the LHAT system, he or she must do the following.

  1. Login to LHAT and review the hazard assessment.
  2. Complete the online training through LHAT, including a short quiz.
  3. Print out the generated voucher and bring it to EH&S during the PPE store hours.
    • Note: PPE will not be issued without a voucher

What are the PPE store hours Summer 2019?

  • Monday - by appointment only
  • Tuesday 10am-1pm
  • Wednesday 3pm-5pm
  • Thursday 10am-12pm
  • Friday- by appointment only

If you are unable to be fitted for PPE during store hours, please contact EH&S via email at or by phone at  209-228-7864  to schedule an appointment.