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Returning PPE

What do I do with my PPE when I leave the lab?

Each lab member who is no longer affiliated with a lab is required to cross out his or her UC Merced NetID from the label on the collar using a permanent marker and follow the normal laundering procedures.  If a person switches labs, please bring the coat to EH&S to update the label.  If this is not done, the coat will be delivered to the old lab after laundering.

When the PI removes a lab member from LHAT, the PPE is marked out of the specific laboratory inventory. Safety glasses and goggles should be cleaned using soap and water, allowed to air dry and returned to EH&S.

If lab coats are not returned, a hold can be placed on a student's transcript until the coat is either returned or purchased.

As a PI, what should I do when my student(s) leave the lab?

When students leave the lab, ensure they follow the above procedure for returning their PPE, and remove the individuals from your lab's LHAT group.