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Fume Hoods

Operation and Use:
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (i.e. safety goggles and a flame-resistant lab coat).
  • Keep the fume hood sash between you and your experiment; do not allow your head to enter the fume hood.
  • Keep all materials at least 6 inches behind the sash opening; mark a line with colored tape as a reminder.
  • Do not block the air flow through the baffles or the baffle exhaust slots; minimize clutter.
  • Elevate equipment such as centrifuges at least 2 inches off the surface to maintain proper air flow.
  • Do not permanently store chemicals in the fume hood.
  • Do not use a hood that has been tagged by EHS "Do Not Use"
  • Clean fume hoods and secondary storage containers regularly.
  • Inspect for and address any spills or leaks that may have occurred.
  • Fume hoods are tested annually through Facilities.
If your fume hood fails:
  • Turn off and unplug any heating equipment, and seal open containers or chemical bottles.
  • Keep the sash and doors closed while the fume hood is out of operation.
  • Contact EH&S via email to request an air flow inspection.
  • Do not use the fume hood until it has been inspected and if needed, repaired.
  • Diagnostics and repairs to fume hoods are coordinated by Facilities Management.
    • Submit a work order through FMHelp.
    • Call FMHelp Dispatch at 209-228-2986.