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Standard Operating Procedures

Please use the UC Chemicals tool to write your laboratory-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs). All SOPs must be reviewed and signed by laboratory members.

The SOP library is not a comprehensive list of the chemical inventory of the UC Merced campus, nor should it be implied that all of the chemicals included in the inventory are currently in use on the UC Merced campus.

Does my reagent or process require a standard operating procedure?

It does if it is on the list of Chemicals Requiring SOPs, or if the Safety Data Sheet lists the following GHS codes in section 2: H200, H201, H202, H203, H204, H224, H225, H240, H241, H242, H260, H300, H310, H314, H318, H330, H340, H341, H350, H360 or H361. Peroxide formers also require SOPs.

Helpful Tips

When selecting chemicals, make sure to select the same chemical family that is in your inventory.  For example, if "hydrochloric acid 25-37%" is listed in your inventory, select that same chemical, not another description or concentration.

Useful resources for Pyrophorics: