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Aerial Lift and Elevating Work

Program Purpose

UC Merced's Aerial Lift/Elevating Work Platform Safety Program fulfills the guidelines mandated by Cal/OSHA and other regulatory compliance codes, and requires departments that own and/or operate aerial lifts or elevating work platforms to train and license personnel who operate their equipment, conduct pre-operation safety inspections and preventative maintenance of the equipment and adhere to specific safe-work practices whenever using these types of powered industrial equipment.

Program Components

The Aerial Lift/Elevating Work Platform Safety Program Manual specifies requirements for departments to manage their aerial lift/elevating work platform equipment, and operator licensure via templates provided by EH&S (equipment inventory list and licensed operators list).

In addition, the program manual provides equipment operators with guidelines for training and licensure, as well as safe-work procedures, including utilization of the site hazard assessment form and equipment pre-operation inspection forms (available for scissor lifts and extensible boom platforms).