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Hazard Communication

Program Purpose

UC Merced has developed and implemented a Hazard Communication Program in compliance with Cal/OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (Ref: T8 CCR §5194). This program is designed to identify hazardous substances to which employees are/may be exposed to at their job sites and effectively communicate proper handling, use, labeling, storage and disposal of these substances. You can find details of the program in the UC Merced Hazard Communication Program Manual.

Program Components

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), formerly known as Material safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), produced by manufacturers of hazardous chemicals and/or substances, are the basis of communicating hazards. SDSs must be up to date and easily accessible to all employees. Furthermore, conspicuous labeling of all chemicals — including solutions and mixtures  is required. An additional component of the Hazard Communication Program is the receipt of proper training for all individuals working with or around hazardous substances. This includes the ability to easily recognize and identify hazard labels, as well as receipt of refresher training when necessary.

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